New Episode of Ron Jacobs on SOAP and RESTful Services

by dboynton 2/9/2009 10:31:41 AM

The first time I saw Ron Jacobs talk about service-oriented architecture was at Microsoft TechEd 2004. He did a talk with John Devados and it was the first time I can remember someone talking about services in a way that made sense to me as a developer as well as an architect. It seemed that every time I went to see a talk on SOA, I was looking at a lot diagrams of clouds with lines connecting them to other clouds. Any questions about the practical application of services was met with the answer, “Well, it depends.” Ron was the first person I ever saw who offered real, prescriptive guidance on how to design and implement properly factored services, and it had a big impact on how I’ve approached SOA ever since.

Beyond being an in-demand conference speaker, Ron is also the creator of, the show that I and several other architects at Microsoft got the chance to co-host just a little over a year ago when Ron moved-on to become a technical evangelist for the Windows Communication Foundation and Workflow Foundation product teams. Heck, I even had the opportunity to do an interview with Ron back in 2006 at the Microsoft National Architecture Forum in Vale, CO.

In our newest episode of, Ron gets to sit in the interviewee seat and talk about some of the key differences and benefits of SOAP-based and RESTful services, and how Windows Communication Foundation supports the implementation of both types of services.

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Two New Episodes You Should See

by dboynton 7/30/2008 3:07:00 PM

I've fallen behind on keeping you up to date on new shows being published on Channel 9. Mea culpa.

The first one features an interview with Steve Resnick, Rich Crane and Chris Bowen about their new book, Essential WCF. The interview was conducted by my colleague and good buddy, Bob Familiar, who always does a great job on the show:

ARCast.TV - Essential WCF

Also in the "recently published" category is my interview with Roy Osherove of Typemock where we talk about test-driven design and the role of testing in the real world. Any time you can demonstrate the often confusing state of maintaining tests in a large system with a pile of rubber bracelets, well that just good TV, right?

ARCast.TV - Roy Osherove on Test Driven Design

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Interface-Based Design With Juval Lowy on

by dboynton 6/26/2008 9:42:00 AM

For those of you who didn't get the memo, Ron Jacobs is no longer hosting the very popular Channel 9 show, ARCast. After spending a couple of years traveling the world talking to hundreds of practicing architects, Ron decided he needed a change and is now a Technical Evangelist in Redmond working with the WCF and WF teams.

Because of the popularity of ARCast worldwide, I and a small team of fellow architects from across the country have been working over the past several months to bring into being what we're calling, "ARCast 2.0." Instead of having one regular host on the show, any architect evangelist in the world that has a story to tell and is willing to sit down and record it can be the host of an ARCast episode.

We published the first official episode of ARCast 2.0 last week. My colleague and good friend Bob Familiar sat down with Simon Guest, Senior Director of the Platform Architecture Team at Microsoft, and had a great conversation about what his team does and what types of content and activities his team will have for the community in the future. If you haven't had a chance to watch the interview yet, you can watch it here.

And this week it's my turn.

A few weeks ago at TechEd Developer 2008, I had an opportunity to sit down in the TechEd Online "fishbowl" and have a conversation with Juval Lowy about his ideas concerning interface-based design in software. Any conversation that starts with, "Object-orientation has completely failed us," is going to be a good one.

You can watch the full ARCast video here: - Juval Lowy on Interface Based Design

If you never want to miss an episode of ARCast, then be sure to subscribe to the show's feed here. Please let me know what you think of the interview.

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